Bluetooth Controller module for Philips CD-i

Bluetooth Controller module for Philips CD-i


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Do you ship to country X

We probably do! Currently shipping on our website is limited to known prices and locations, our shipping partner has almost global coverage. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to get a quote!

What is the switch for?

The switch on the module is to switch between receiving power from USB or from the CD-i itself.
Using USB power is recommended when connecting the module to a PC for flashing firmware or debugging issues.

How do I connect it?

  1. Connect the module to the CD-i with the Mini-DIN8 Cable to the controller input port
  2. Put your controller into pairing mode and turn on the CD-i
  3. You will see 2 lights, 1 green means it is powered on. If you do not see it change the switch to be on CD-i power. The 2nd LED is orange and will blink when looking for the first controller. It will stop blinking once the pairing was successful.
  4. (If your CD-i supports controller splitting you can also put a 2nd Bluetooth controller into pairing mode to get it connected as controller 2)
  5. You can start using your controller!

Which controllers are supported?

We support most Bluetooth Classic (non BLE) controllers:

  • DualSense (PS5) Confirmed by communityPair guide
  • DUALSHOCK 4 (PS4) controller, both 2013 and 2016 editions – Pair guide
  • Nintendo Switch Pro controller Confirmed by community
  • Nintendo Switch JoyCon Confirmed by community
  • Nintendo Switch Online SNES Controller Confirmed by community (later revisions may require an update)
  • Nintendo Wii U Pro controller Confirmed by community
  • Nintendo Wii Remote and Remote Motion Plus, including Nunchuk and Classic Controller Confirmed by community
  • Xbox Wireless controller (model 1708, not the Series controllers) Confirmed by community
  • 8BitDo controllers Confirmed by community
  • Android controllers
  • iCade controllers
  • Nimbus SteelSeries
  • OUYA controllers
  • Some TV remote controls, like the Amazon Fire TV

Is it Open Source?

We aim to open source all our software and hardware designs at

Does it support Bluetooth mice?

We are working to add mouse support in Firmware v2.0. All information is at the mouse support (alpha) page.

Which models CD-i are supported?

The CD-i Bluetooth board uses the controller protocol and should work with all models of CD-i.
We spent time testing it on as many models as we can:

Confirmed to work:

  • Philips CD-i 205/00
  • Philips CD-i 210/00
  • Philips CD-i 210/40
  • Philips CD-i 220/20
  • Philips CD-i 220/60
  • Philips CD-i 220/80
  • Philips CD-i 370/00
  • Philips CD-i 450/00
  • Philips CD-i 470/20
  • Philips CD-i 605t/20
  • Philips CD-i 615/00

Have you tested it on an unlisted model? Feel free to contact us! We’re always happy to add more to this list!

It will not work on the CD-i 180 as it does not use the final Philips controller connector standard.

How are controls mapped?

The module maps the D-pad directly through, the joysticks can also move the cursor with variable speed.
Buttons 1 and 2 are mapped to X and A (on Xbox type controllers) button 1+2 (3 on the CD-i gamepad) is mapped to Y and B.

Can I update the firmware?

We do not lock the firmware of the module in any way you can flash new versions of the software using the USB port.

Does it support multiple controllers connected?

On CD-i systems that support port splitting you can connect two controllers using Bluetooth to use them for multiplayer games. A list can be found here (all IO versions except A should work)

Where are orders shipped from?

The final production of the CD-i Bluetooth module is done in Belgium where we will ship from.

How much is shipping?

This is calculated on the checkout page depending on the destination country.
We do our best to keep these fees low but due current fuel charges parcel delivery services invoice us the costs have risen a lot. We compare different delivery companies per destination to get the cheapest options. Recently we added untracked shipping options to certain destinations, while these offer a reduced price the level of service is less, however we wanted to give our clients the options to choose for themselves.

We also try to work together with local resellers like Stoneage Gamer to ship closer to our customers.

I need a VAT invoice

The web shop is used for end consumers only. If you need to place a large order or get an invoice addressed to a company for VAT recuperation please mail us at [email protected] and we will arrange everything for you.


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